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Is your income statement or profit and loss (P&L) report "wrong" but you know that you made sales greater than those numbers in QuickBooks?Does your sales tax payable account in QuickBooks have a huge balance but you know that you paid it?Does your bank balance show a negative number but you know you made sales and have the money?When you look at your chart of accounts, do you wonder why your "undeposited funds" account has a large positive number?Does your payroll liabilities have a large number but you know you paid them?Do your credit card accounts show a large negative or positive number but you know you paid them?Is your inventory too low or large but you purchased the goods used to create it? And sold them? Or not showing up at all?Is your Cost of Goods Sold account incorrect (it should be equal to the purchase price of your sold merchandise) and not negative?Is your Inventory Adjustment account not the numbers you expect and it seems you have more inventory than you remember buying?Is your Point of Sale system not interfacing with your QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise financial software?Did you know that when clients reimburse you for your expenses, you have to report it as income under state law and pay B&O tax on that phantom "income"?Have your run a sales by customer report but it doesn't match up your income lines in your profit and loss?When you look at your vendors or customers, do you have negative balances for any of them?Have multiple users tried to log in but the system has kicked them out and you know you have enough user licenses for each of them?Did you choke when you got your annual QuickBooks Enterprise renewal and wonder if there is a way to reduce it? I can switch you to monthly and save you up to 20%.I can probably help you with these and other QuickBooks problems in either the PC or Mac and any version of the accounting, bookkeeping, and pre-tax preparation program.As "Dr. QuickBooks & Quicken", an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certification in their Point of Sale and Enterprise software and 48 reviews on the Intuit Find a ProAdvisor website, I make house calls, rain or shine (my rates are at the bottom of this post) to help small businesses and start-ups (your angel investors expect accurate books, why not deliver them?) solve their financial problems and who want financial management (not manglement) to keep track of their business finances and who want to learn how to use their bookkeeping software correctly and effectively to save time (and hair).My personalized services include the following:* Confirming that you picked the right Quicken or QuickBooks or other accounting and bookkeeping software program for your business, use my Intuit Solution Provider status (in case you want to get additional licenses, upgrade, buy new software as your new computer won't run your old software, or add payroll or credit card processing services), and converting company files from other software programs;* Setting-up and reviewing your initial Chart of Accounts (including mapping them to the most likely tax lines so you can do your own taxes);* Setting up service, inventory, other charges like shipping or delivery, discounts, payments, and sales taxes (are you aware that you have to charge local sales tax (there are over 300 in Washington State) based on where the product or services is delivered effective July 1, xxxx and how to import this information into QuickBooks so it shows up as a sales tax item) that this rate went up .5% on April 1, xxxx in certain cities and counties, and other items to use to create your invoices, estimates, or sales receipts, classes like different locations, and creating and adjusting Inventory;* Job Costing and Estimates and how to convert Estimates into straight or progress Invoices;* Bank, Petty Cash (and why you should have one), Credit Card, and other Account Reconciliation;* Set up and interface QuickBooks for On-line Banking for real-time knowledge or where you stand with your bank and credit card accounts;* Bank and Credit Card download including matching up net CC payments when the credit card processing company takes them out of the payment you receive such as PayPal;* Showing you how to design your own customized Invoices, Estimates, Statements, and Sales Receipts including the proper way to receive and deposit payments;* State B&O and Sales Taxes for the City & State (Monthly, Quarterly or Annually) including the proper way to pay them from within the program;* Online Payroll through QuickBooks;* Payroll Taxes (State Unemployment, Worker's Comp, Federal Forms 940 and 941/944, W-3 and W-2s) and the correct way to pay your payroll liabilities;* Online payment for the above tax forms;* Selecting which vendors must give you a W9 form and which fields in your chart of accounts qualify for a xxxx Form ;* QuickBooks Tutoring, Support, Help, Classes, and Training one-on-one for you;* Preparation of management financial reports including profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow predictions, job costs, and employee productivity (latter requires a special set up);My company is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and was nominated for a City of Seattle Mayor's Small Business Award in xxxx. I have a City of Seattle business license and the company is registered with the State of Washington Department of Revenue and the Secretary of State (as a corporation.)I am a current member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program and the Intuit (the folks who make TurboTax, Quicken, and QuickBooks to name a few products) TurboTax, Quicken, and Accountant's Inner Circle which advises the company on ways to improve their products (I recently identified a bug in the QuickBooks Pro xxxx program and suggested a way to fix it) and make them more consumer friendly (gasp!).I have taught "Ten Things You Need to Do to Set Up Your Start Up's Books Correctly" at the Renton Almost Free Biz School and accounting and bookkeeping principles at the Six Hour Start Up Conference. I also was the subject of an article Spotlight on a QuickBooks Instructor: Teaching Small Businesses to Fish on the TeachStreet Blog. TeachStreet was a web site that brings together local teachers and inquiring students.Why deal with the hassle of fighting traffic and the cost of gas and your lost billable time to get to a class (assuming you can get into one in today's economy as other people have the same idea), have the class go at the slowest person's pace, have strangers find out about your business problems if you ask questions in class, and not deal with the issues you want to learn about or address when I will come to you? How much is your time worth to you? More than I cost, I bet.Because I come to you as a consultant in my gas-guzzling Prius, I offer two tiers of prices.Because I am certified in all versions of QuickBooks financial, Enterprise, Online, and POS software and am ranked #1 for Seattle on the Intuit FindaProAdvisor website, an investment in my time and expertise is on a sliding scale depending on what financial software you are using, whether you sign up with credit card processing with me, whether you bought the software from me, and how long you use my services with a three hour minimum (mileage both ways at standard IRS rates (54 cents) may apply outside of Seattle) and parking, ferry fees, and tolls if applicable. I find that most people need at least three hours to set up a file, review what they have done, and show them how to use the program correctly. I also have an unlimited support plan for one person as well but do not offer it until I have worked with you.Payment is expected by check, cash, or Google CheckOut or PayPal, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa plus 5% to pay for credit card processing fees for the latter five at the time of service. I may be willing to barter.Please do not change the subject line if you click the above to send me an email. Please include your e-mail (the service strips this out in the from field), phone or contact information and a summary of your problem in the body of your e-mail.Personalized One on One QuickBooks Training, Classes, Instruction, Courses, Seminars, Teaching, Coaching, Private Lessons, Help, Assistance, and Tutoring in Greater Seattle and Western Washington State to Get Your Finances in OrderQuickBooks (not Quick Books), Quicken, and QuickBooks ProAdvisor are registered trademarks and/or registered service marks of Intuit, Inc. Used with permission.